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Client List

Arris Design has completed numerous projects throughout Metro Vancouver as well as successfully completing projects in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Each job, large or small, gets our undivided attention. We don’t have one design style — we adapt our design skills to meet your unique vision.

> Workplace Design
> Medical Office Design
> Institutional and Public Spaces

Workplace Design

CopperLion Capital
Vancouver, BC
1168 sf
Copperlion wanted a departure from the standard corporate office aesthetic.  Their mandate was to create a condo feel in a classic office tower environment.  The design created a high end, boutique style with an essence of timelessness.
Ivanhoe Mining
Vancouver, BC
3,600 sf
In this renovation/expansion project the client wanted to create a smaller, more functional reception and a high-end executive area that would complement the existing office design but would also offer it a unique identity.
Canadian Oil & Gas
Vancouver, BC
2,063 sf
The client wanted an understated, functional, yet contemporary office that would provide a solid corporate image without excess opulence.  In addition, the project needed to be completed on a short timeline and within a very modest budget.
Plenty of Fish
Vancouver, BC
3,155 sf
This fast growing technologies company wanted a young, fresh, adaptable design that reflected their corporate philosophy and provided flexibility for their every changing needs.  The ‘uncorporate’ look was achieved by the use of large fields of glass around private offices, state of the art furniture and youthful colour palette that allowed for an open and airy concept and allowed the client to maximize the mountain views.
Sport BC
Richmond, BC
32,000 sf

Sport BC is a young and energetic umbrella company for a number of sporting organizations across BC.  The main scope of this project was to sub-divide 32,000 of raw commercial space into a series of small, multi-tenant suites for 32 independent sporting organizations.  In addition to the individual suites, the project required a large multi-functional conferencing centre, common kitchen and satellite office space.  Flexibility was the most important driving force in the design as the sizes and requirements of each organization is constantly changing.  A demountable wall system was used in most areas to allow for maximum adaptability.    The project had to be constructed on a very short timeline and within a tight budget.
McLean Capital
Vancouver, BC
5,508 sf
McLean Capital acquired an existing, largely open concept office that needed to be become a predominantly private office intensive space.  We used existing elements to offer a seamless transition from the two distinctly different office functions.  
Steele Urquhart Law Firm
Vancouver, BC
2,716 sf
This law firm wanted a clean, contemporary look to showcase a professional office without the typical ‘lawyer look’. The design was meant to reflect a professional, timeless look without an overly opulent feel.  The design took advantage of the large windows and natural light giving this small space an open and airy feeling with maximum functionality.
Navico Chartering Inc.
Vancouver, BC
1,718 sf
This shipping company wanted a clean lined, sophisticated office look.  The design was meant to reflect a professional, timeless aesthetic without an overly opulent feel.  The design took advantage of the large windows and natural light giving this small space an open and airy feeling with maximum functionality.


Medical Office Design

Copeman Medical Centre
Vancouver, BC
9,131 sf
The prime objective of this new medical concept was to create an environment that was unlike the typical, institutional medical office.  The idea was to create a space with a ‘spa’ feel where clients would be met with a warm, inviting and contemporary environment.  
Copeman Medical Centre
Calgary, AB
7,566 sf
Based on the successful model created in the Vancouver,  the Calgary clinic adopted the idea of a ‘spa’ feel where clients would be met with a warm, inviting and contemporary environment.  The flagship design was modified to adapt to the unique features of the Calgary building.
Lica Chui Ophthalmology (under construction)
Vancouver, BC
812 sf
This project is currently in the design phase. The main objective is to create a highly functional design in a compact space.  The intensive requirements of the profession had to be married with a timeless design.
PrimeCare  Medical Centre (under construction)
Burnaby, BC
5,577 sf
This large medical office and walk-in clinic is an amalgamation of several independent practices. The idea was to create a contemporary, comfortable environment that is a departure from the standard, institutional medical centre.  


Institutional and Public Spaces

Canadian College of English Language
Vancouver, BC
9,300 sf
The Canadian College of English Language wanted to create a fun, youthful environment that reflected the attitude of their students.   This windowless space was made to feel more open and airy through extensive use of glass and lighting.  A bright, colour palette was chosen to provide a sense of fun and playfulness. The project met the client’s expectations and was achieved on a very restricted budget.
999 Lobby Renovation and Coffee Shop
Vancouver, BC
4,500 sf
This lobby needed a facelift that was a departure from the heavy, fully brick 1970’s interior.  New ceiling details, lighting, wood veneer overlays, European styled furniture and dramatic detailing at the elevators transformed the space into a modern gathering space.  In addition, the landlord wanted to encourage a café style coffee shop that would lend itself to the space and yet be a distinct business.
Top of Vancouver Restaurant
Vancouver, BC
4,500 sf         
The Top of Vancouver Restaurant had not been renovated since its inception.  The outdated ‘theme’ based restaurant created small, dark spaces that did not lend themselves to the outside views.  The idea was to open the space to provide a cozy atmosphere while still maximizing the magnificent vistas from this revolving platform.  By selecting elegant and appropriate materials and improving the lighting, the restaurant was transformed into an elegant and modern restaurant all on a modest budget.
Vancouver Lookout Observation Tower
Vancouver, BC
4,500 sf
Not renovated for over 20 years, the observation deck was tired and worn.  Warm woods, natural palettes and colourful graphics captured the essence of the outdoors and transformed the space.  In addition to the observation area a meeting/conference room was created with a retractable wall so that groups could rent the space for private functions.  This job was built out in 8 weeks on a very strict budget.
1090 West Pender Lobby
Vancouver, BC
4,500 sf
Old paraline ceilings and poor lighting made this space dark and outdated.  The idea in this project was to retain the majority of existing architectural elements but make the space more contemporary.  This was achieved by removing the existing ceiling, maximizing the height and replacing it with a beautiful curved bulkhead and pendant lights.  The overall sense of the space was brightened with a new colourful carpet insert.



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